Brand Archetype - Just like a person, a brand has a unique personality

Humans are built for connection. We tend to personify things, including brands. We give them meaning and form relationships with them based on how they interact with us and the world, what they stand for, and how they make us feel.

However people connect to your brand and whatever meaning they assign to it is due to its personality. Brand personalities can be classified as archetypes. There are 12 master archetypes and they are useful for more than just labeling. They are also a great way for companies to ‘manage meaning’ in a structured way.


Archetypes are not new. Carl Jung described archetypes as universal collective patterns of the unconscious. Regardless of culture or language, he believed everyone shares and understands these themes because they are an undercurrent to all humanity.

Look no further than the most recent blockbuster or bestseller for archetypes. Stories and the archetypes they convey are all around us, from entertainment to religion. We can constantly identify to archetypal stories since they are universal and unconscious human themes. That's why, no matter how many times they're repackaged, we never seem to get tired of them. They appeal to a deep part of our being.

Archetypes are the heartbeat of a brand because they convey a meaning that makes customers relate to a product as if it actually were alive in some way,” write Margaret Mark and Carol S. Pearson in their book, The Hero and the Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes. “They have a relationship with it. They care about it.”

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Meet Everyman, the SÖNER Archetype

One of the biggest compliments paid to a celebrity appears to be that the celebrity "is so down to earth!" The comfort and attractiveness of knowing that something or someone larger than life is truly "just one of us" is the pull of the Everyman archetype, and companies like SÖNER that are relatable in this sense will go a long way to win customers' hearts.


All About the Everyman

The archetype of the Everyman is pure and authentic! The Everyman promotes common sense principles and sincerity while demonstrating the underlying qualities of hard effort and honesty. A high-powered CEO who arrives to work in jeans and shoes, for example, demonstrates that the Everyman has no need for pretense.

Personality traits: Unpretentious - trustworthy - down-to-earth - people-oriented - honest - practical - friendly - common sense - outgoing - genuine - welcoming - transparent - helpful - sincere


The Everyman Brand in Action

Everyman brands tend to have or portray a people-oriented culture, welcoming and inviting. Their products may have mass appeal or be applicable to a broad audience.

The marketing of an Everyman brand often speaks in a honest and trustworthy voice and uses unpretentious imagery. There are no outlandish claims to get shock value. Money-back guarantees and other trust-building elements are common.

The organizational structure of an Everyman brand downplays hierarchy. Decisions are made democratically or by consensus. Working in teams is common. There is a strong sense of pride in the work that is done, and the atmosphere is comfortable and casual.

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The Everyman Consumer

Everyman consumers are people offering help when needed. They show respect for others, even if they don't know them well. They are trustworthy and believe in the value of hard effort. They are usually practical, friendly, outgoing and value the good things in life. They are unpretentious people that support the underdog.

We at SÖNER like to attract Everyman by focusing on the customer experiences, our high quality and norm breaking design. We strive to be approachable, responsive, and friendly.

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