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Manual - Butterfly Clasp

The butterfly clasp (or deployment clasp) are both stylish, reliable and safe. Our butterfly clasps are made of high-quality stainless steel and you can choose between different types of surface finishes, such as brushed or polished. Our butterfly clasps are available in gold or steel.

The clasps work on all watch straps that use a traditional fastening pin. They are easy to mount and replace. One of the absolute biggest advantages of a butterfly clasp is that it extends the life of a leather several times over compared to a classic "belt buckle".

The video below shows the function and design of the butterfly clasp. The clasp is easily opened by pressing the two "buttons" on each side of the clasp. To fasten the clasp, fold it and press on the top and the lock function is activated.

How to use your butterfly clasp - Söner by sweden

Manual - Steel Mesh Strap

With its mesh design, silver color and stainless steel, the Heritage F watch strap from SÖNER is a watch bracelet that complements SÖNER's square watches in both a modern and stylish way.

Manual - Milanese Steel Mesh Strap - Söner by sweden

Manuals - Watch Movements

Momentum Collection

  1. Premium automatic, Cal. 9039 
  2. Winding, Automatic and hand winding
  3. Accuracy, -10~+30 sec per day
  4. Running time, 42 hours
  5. 3 hands
  6. Vibration Frequency, 28800 per hour
  7. Jewels, 24 pcs

   Instructions  Specification


Legacy Collection

  1. Standard, Cal. 2035 
  2. Battery life, 3 years
  3. Accuracy, ±20 sec per month
  4. 3 hands
  5. Sony 0% Hg battery

   Instructions  Specification


Nostalgia Collection

  1. Swiss eta cal. 901.001
  2. Analog quartz (battery)
  3. 3 jewels
  4. Gold plated movement
  5. Hours and minutes hands
  6. 11-years battery
  7. ETA stepping motor
  8. Silver oxide battery
  9. 3 impulses per minute



Amorous Collection

  1. Swiss sellita cal. sw100a
  2. Mechanical (self-winding)
  3. 25 jewels
  4. date at 3 o’clock
  5. Power reserve: 38-42 hours
  6. Accuracy: -20~+40 sec/day
  7. hours, minutes and seconds hands
  8. automatic and hand winding


Setting time & date (Amorous)

Setting date and time on the Amorous watch