100% Money Back Guarantee
& 10 Year Warranty!

We’ve spent countless hours developing and refining our products - we know you’ll love them. However, we understand this might be your first time buying from us.

We want you to feel 100% comfortable in your purchase, so your order is covered in-full by our 100% MONEY BACK guarantee.

If you aren’t happy with any product you buy from us, let us know within 30 days of purchase by contacting us at info@sonerbysweden.com.

We’ll confirm your order, then provide you instructions to return your product to us, new, used, or broken. Once we receive it, we’ll give you a 100% refund. It’s that simple!

100% money back guarantee - Söner By Sweden - square watch brand

SÖNER® 10-Year International Warranty!

Your watch from SÖNER has been manufactured in the strict tradition of watchmaking and has been separately tested to guarantee that it is both water-resistant and functions perfectly.

We take pride in crafting high-quality and stylish timepieces that can last a long time. As part of our commitment to you, we offer a 10-year factory warranty on all our square watches.

To utilize the warranty, you must provide a valid purchase order and warranty card at the time of the claim. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship and does not include damage caused by normal wear and tear, misuse, accidents, or unauthorized repairs.

If you encounters an issue with your watch, you must contact our customer service team (contact customer service). Our team will then guide you through the warranty process and determine whether the issue is covered under the warranty. If it is covered, we will repair or replace the watch free of charge.

We take pride in being the most customer-savvy watch brand in the world. We strive to provide the best possible experience for our customers and are always ready to assist with any questions or concerns they may have.

Please note that if the watch model you purchased has been discontinued, we may not be able to provide an exact replacement. In such cases, we will offer a similar watch that is of equal or greater value to your original purchase.

Our Warranty Does Not Cover:

  • Battery life.
  • Normal wear and tear and aging (e.g. scratched crystal; alteration of the color or material of non-metallic straps, which includes leather, textile, rubber; peeling of the plating.
  • Any damage to any part of the wrist watch resulting from abnormal use, lack of care and accidents (knock's, dents, crushing & cracked crystal).
  • The watch has n´been handled by non-authorized persons (e.g. for battery replacement, services or repairs) or altered from its original condition outside our control.

For any warranty issues please contact our Customer Service team (Contact).