Why we use butterfly clasps on our square watches

It was after a long and interesting conversation with a committed customer that we at SÖNER decided to switch from traditional buckle to the better looking and more practical butterfly buckle. For us, it is a natural part of entrepreneurship to constantly question why we exist, our business ideas and our products. Our belief is that, in order to survive long-term, we need to invite customers to dialogue and really listen to what they have to say. We must dare to let their views, criticisms and ideas influence the development of SÖNER as a company and brand.

how to use a Butterfly clasp buckle


1: Easy to use

Watch straps with butterfly buckles are easy to use, the butterfly buckle causes the watch to be put on and taken off literally at the touch of a button. Traditional buckles are more difficult and time consuming to use, with the butterfly buckle locks quickly and easily clicking the watch on your arm.

2: Secure

Watch straps with butterfly buckles are secure. The foldable buckle has a safety latch to keep it closed. The butterfly buckle is therefore much safer for your watch than conventional watch buckles. Due to their metal construction, the risk of you dropping the watch when putting it on the arm is reduced. The buckle design means that even if you lose your grip on the watch, it hangs securely on your wrist. The photo below shows the result of when one of our watches with a traditional buckle meets a stone floor.

A watch with cracked glass - SONER are now using butterfly clasps

3: Durable

Watch straps with butterfly buckles give a much smaller wear on the straps' leather than traditional buckles. Every time you take off or put on a watch with  a traditional buckle, you pull, push and jerk a little on the leather strap, this wears a lot on the leather. With a watch strap with butterfly buckle, you never have to pull the watch strap, just open and close it easily using the buttons, which dramatically increases the life span of a leather strap.


Based on a close dialogue with customers and ambassadors and a genuine curiosity, we develop our products and our brand all the time.

Do you want to contribute? If you have any thoughts and ideas that you think we could benefit from, please contact us or get involved in our social channels.


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