SÖNER in close collaboration with the customer

SÖNER takes pride in being a highly customer-focused brand with genuine care for our customers, therefore being one of the most customer-focused watch brands in the world is an obvious part of our vision.

We will never be like Kodak or Nokia, we are a company that thinks long-term and is more than happy to let our customers and ambassadors influence the development of our square watches and our brand.

Most customer savvy watch brand in the world - SÖNER

It's crazy that 88% of the Fortune 500 companies that existed in 1955 are now gone. These companies have either gone bankrupt, merged or still exist but have fallen off the Fortune 500 list. As companies' life expectancy continues to decline, organizations need to be vigilant and constantly work with innovation and customer oriented.

SÖNER will not become a new Nokia, Ericsson, Kodak or Polaroid. SÖNER have their roots in the desire to make a difference, to stand out and go against the tide. We intend to continue to do so and at the same time we are open to allow our customers and ambassadors to influence the future development of our square watches. It was for example why we decided to switch to butterfly buckles on our watch straps.

It was in 2018 that our founder Freddie Palmgren received a call from a committed customer who had some questions about SÖNER's square watches that he wanted to ask.

We had a long conversation about movements, materials and other things. One question was about our watch straps and buckles. We talked long and well about the question of, why SÖNER did not use butterfly buckles for our watches? We didn't have a real answer to the question, the conversation ended an hour later. But we never really let go of the question, it hung in our minds several days later. We continued to talk about the conversation and a month later we had made came to the conclusion, from then on, we would use butterfly buckles for our watch straps.

For us, it is a natural part of entrepreneurship to constantly question why we exist, our business ideas and our products. Our belief is, in order to survive long-term, we need to invite to dialogue and really listen to our customers and ambassadors. We must dare to let their views, criticisms and ideas influence the development of SÖNER as a company and brand. We must not slavishly follow trends and markets but start from what people who believe in our idea of challenging watch norms.


Customer savvy watch brand SÖNER