Buying a watch is harder than you might think. The number of watch marks, types of watches, models and variations is almost endless in number. There are literally thousands of watches to choose from on the market. While it can be difficult to find the perfect watch for you, it helps to decide what essential features and features you are looking for before you start looking for your new watch.
A good tip is to write a simple list of must-have needs followed by wishes so that you limit the selection of watches to just what is most important to you.

To make the process of finding a new watch a little easier and perhaps a little faster, we have compiled a small buying guide consisting of four simple but important factors (questions) for you to consider before your new watch purchase.


  1. The size of the watch itself (case). The watch needs to fit your wrist. Too big a watch looks clumsy and ill-considered. Too small a watch gives the appearance that it is a women's watch rather than a watch.
  2. Price is perhaps the most decisive factor. The size of your wallet puts restrictions on things like materials, components, and details.
  3. The water resistance/protection of a watch shows more than just the depth to which the watch is tested. It also shows the overall quality of the watch and in what market segment the watch is in. When it comes to 5 ATMs, there are two different "standards". One where the watch is quality assured to be able to swim /snorkel with and one where the watch cannot even go into the shower. Be aware of water resistance if it is located on the lower atmospheres, 3-5atm. Read a lot more about water resistance for watches here.
  4. The style and design are crucial. In our opinion, the watch is an extension of your personality, therefore choose a watch based on who you are rather than who you would like to be. The clock is a personal part of your person, dare to show who you are.


How to buy a mens watch - 4 simple rules for buying your next mens watch 

Men´s wristwatch in gold and leather strap from SÖNER