Designing a square watch takes time

At least if you are looking for good quality and a long-term perspective! For us at SÖNER, it took us about 10 years to go from idea to finished product.

1. Design

Much of the initial work is, of course, about finding the right design, shape, and colors. The design is by far the most important thing for us, a design that does not sell is doomed right from the start. Below you will see an early design prototype of a SÖNER. It also includes one of the early logos.

Early design of SÖNER square wrist watch

Early design of SÖNER

2. Features

Next to design, the functions (complication in watch language) are the most important factor. We at SÖNER have chosen not to design our watches with a variety of technical functions, such as date, timekeeping, alarms, air pressure, depth gauges, lunar phases etc.. We believe that the technical functions we have in our mobiles is enough and therefore are not needed in our watches. A watch from SÖNER is primarily a piece of jewelry and an accessory made to be used and last over time.

Instead of focusing on technical features that our Smart Phones outshine by far, we have chosen to focus on things that make your watch more durable, personal, and comfortable.

3. Comfort

A watch from SÖNER differs from many other watch brands in the same price range through several thoughtful details. For example, all watches from us have an arched backside. This not only allows your watch to easily slip under your shirt sleeve, but also that it has a good fit when it follows the natural shape of the wrist. A SÖNER is also made to withstand swimming (5 ATM) or snorkeling (10 ATM). Most watches in our segment have nothing water protection to even talk about. The luminous watch dial and hands are further examples of details that are most often lacking in comparable watches. In our exclusive model Momentum we have added several features that stick out in the price range.


One of SÖNERs watchmakers in deep concentration

One of our watchmakers in deep concentration

4. Materials

Material selection was the third component that we saw as crucial to success. We wanted the watch to last a long time and for it to have a weight in it that radiates both quality and masculinity. Therefore, we chose high quality stainless steel. In more detail, stainless steel of the quality class 316L. This stainless steel is often referred to as "acid-resistant" and is used in environments that require a little more resistance, such as in coastal and industrial environments. Even facilities with chlorine compounds combined with high humidity and heat, require this type of stainless steel.

The high quality of the stainless steel in combination with the super hard Sapphire Glass we think gives us just the high quality SÖNER stand for. Add to that a Japanese watch movement (quartz cal. 2035 or automatic 9039) you will have a lot of watch for the money.

 Wrist watch tested and ready for leather strap or metal bracelets
Tested and ready for a leather strap or metal bracelets


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