Water Resistant 5 ATM or water proof 10 ATM. The stamp indicates how well your watch is protected from water intrusion. The stamped text is accompanied by a number, the number shows the static test pressure to which the watch has been exposed during a leak test. The test pressure is indicated either directly in pressure units such as bar, atmospheres (ATM) or more commonly as an equivalent water depth in meters (in USA sometimes even in feet). Be sure to check your watch's water resistance to ensure quality.

Your watch from SÖNER  is  water-protected  to a pressure of 5ATM or 10ATM dependent on your model.

However, a specified test pressure and water depth stamped on the watch does not mean that the watch is designed for a repeated and long-term use at the specified water depth and pressure. For example, a watch marked with Water Resistant 3ATM (30 meter) is not expected to withstand water activities even in a pool (not to mention at a depth of 30 meters), something one might be fooled into thinking. This is because the test is carried out only once using a static pressure on selected and newly manufactured watches.

Today, there is no global standard that stipulates what each pressure corresponds to in water protection. In contrast, a watch that is water resistant to 200m is designed for diving with tubes. There is an ISO standard that describes how to perform tests, but in addition to that, it is up to the respective manufacturer to test, and quality assure their own water protection. This means that two watches that are stamped Water resistant 5 ATM may have different water protection. SÖNER's watches are test-pressured to 5 ATM and 10 ATM but both models also come with the guarantee that they can be used in swimming, surfing and similar activities. That's not the usual way.



5 atm and 10 atm Water resistant square watches from SÖNER



Your SÖNER waterproofed/resistant watch is water-resistant to a pressure of 5ATM (50 meters) for the Legacy or 10ATM (100 meters) for the Momentum. It means that you can do everything the most normal water activities to snorkeling without having to worry about leaks or condensation. Your SÖNER is a quality watch made to be used; you do not need to worry about forgetting to take it off for a swim.


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