When we chose the movements for our watches, we did so based on selection criteria such as: precision, durability, maintenance and service availability, environmental friendliness, how well established and trustworthy the supplier is and the right price.

Miyota 9039 - high quality movement - SÖNER

We chose to use quartz movements for our first watch model, the Legacy. Quartz movements are both more stable and more accurate than a traditional mechanical movement. Quartz movement are designed to last many years and are not normally affected by magnetism.

The high-tech Japanese company Miyota's workhorse cal. 2035 is one of the world's most widely used and proven movement. In addition, the movement has an incredibly good accuracy, with a margin of error of only a few seconds a month. This is in comparison to, for example, that a certified Swiss made watch is allowed to drop several seconds per day. The movement in our quartz watches also have a battery life of three years, which ensures a carefree relationship between you and your watch.

In our second version, the Momentum we did not simply pick any automatic movement. Instead we carefully examined many options and ultimately found what we feel completes the Momentum. In the Miyota 9039, we found the outstanding combination of a modern, thin, reliable, high-beat, and reputable movement that we were looking for. The Japanese Citizen Miyota caliber 9039 is a 24-jewel automatic movement that was introduced to the market in 2018. As a member of the 9000 family of movements, this caliber is part of Miyota's Premium automatic line.

High quality movements in square watch from SÖNER


The European "Battery Directive" 2006/66/EC of 2006, concerns batteries and accumulators as well as used batteries and accumulators. The directive applies to all batteries on the EU market. In addition, it contains minimum rules for the proper collection and recycling of all batteries.

Batteries used in Miyota’s movements comply with this Directive.

All our Miyota movements are pre-assembled with original Sony, Maxell or Matsushita batteries to ensure the quality of our quartz watches.



RoHS stands for "Restriction of Hazardous Substances", a 2006 Directive of the European Union. It limits the use of the following six substances:

- Lead

- Mercury


- Hexavalent chromium (Cr6+)

- Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB)

- Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE)


Men´s quartz watch with leather strap from SÖNER