The Allure of Rectangular Watch Ladies

Rectangular watches for ladies have been a timeless accessory, combining elegance and functionality. They are a testament to the wearer's sophistication and style, and a reflection of their unique personality. This article delves into the world of rectangular watches for women, exploring their history, the factors to consider when buying one, and the top brands to consider.

History of Rectangular Watches

The history of rectangular watches is intertwined with the evolution of wristwatches. The first wristwatches were round, a shape inherited from their pocket watch predecessors. However, as watchmakers began to experiment with design and form, the rectangular watch emerged.

The Allure of Rectangular Watch Ladies - Söner Watches

Rectangular watches gained popularity in the 1920s and 1930s, a period marked by a shift towards Art Deco design. The clean lines and geometric shapes of the Art Deco movement were perfectly embodied in the rectangular watch. This style of watch has since remained a classic choice for both men and women.

Choosing a Rectangular Watch

Consider the Size

When choosing a rectangular watch, the size is a crucial factor to consider. The size should be proportionate to the wearer's wrist. A watch that is too large can be uncomfortable and may look out of place, while a watch that is too small may not be easily readable.

Most rectangular watches for ladies range in size from 20mm to 30mm. This range offers enough variation to suit different wrist sizes and personal preferences. It's always a good idea to try on different sizes to see what feels and looks best on your wrist.

Materials and Finishes

The materials and finishes used in a watch can greatly affect its appearance and durability. Stainless steel is a popular choice for its strength and resistance to rust and tarnish. Gold and rose gold are also common, offering a more luxurious look.

When it comes to finishes, polished surfaces offer a shiny, reflective look, while brushed surfaces provide a more understated, matte appearance. The choice between these finishes often comes down to personal preference and the desired look.

Top Brands for Rectangular Watches

There are many brands that offer rectangular watches for ladies, each with their unique designs and features. Here are a few top brands to consider.

The Allure of Rectangular Watch Ladies - Söner Watches
  1. Cartier: Known for their Tank and Santos models, Cartier is a pioneer in rectangular watches. Their watches are synonymous with luxury and timeless elegance.

  2. Jaeger-LeCoultre: This brand offers the Reverso model, which features a unique reversible case. It's a perfect blend of innovation and classic design.

  3. Patek Philippe: The Gondolo collection from Patek Philippe showcases a variety of rectangular and tonneau-shaped watches. These watches are known for their precision and high-quality craftsmanship.


Rectangular watches for ladies are a classic accessory that never goes out of style. They offer a unique blend of elegance and functionality, making them a great choice for any occasion. Whether you're looking for a watch to wear every day or a special piece for a formal event, there's a rectangular watch out there that's perfect for you.

The Allure of Rectangular Watch Ladies - Söner Watches

Remember to consider factors like size, materials, and finishes when choosing a watch. And don't forget to explore different brands to find a watch that fits your style and budget. With the right rectangular watch, you can make a statement about your personal style and sophistication.

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