The Allure of the Luxury Square Watch 

The luxury watch square is a symbol of sophistication and elegance. It's not just a timepiece, but a statement of style and status. In the world of horology, the square watch stands out for its unique design and the craftsmanship that goes into creating each piece. This article delves into the world of luxury square watches, exploring their history, design, and the top brands that produce them.

The History of the Luxury Square Watch

The history of the square watch dates back to the early 20th century. The first square watch was introduced by Cartier in 1917, known as the Cartier Tank. This watch was inspired by the design of the Renault tanks that Louis Cartier saw during World War I. The Tank was a radical departure from the traditional round watch designs of the time, and it quickly gained popularity among the elite.

Over the years, the square watch has been adopted by various luxury watch brands, each adding their unique touch to the design. The square watch has become a symbol of modernity and innovation, pushing the boundaries of traditional watch design.

Design Elements of the Luxury Watch Square

The design of a luxury square watch is a delicate balance between form and function. The square shape offers a larger surface area for the dial, allowing for more intricate designs and complications. The square case also provides a distinct look that sets it apart from the more common round watches.

Despite the square shape, these watches are designed with comfort in mind. The cases are often slightly curved to fit the wrist better, and the straps are made from high-quality materials like leather or stainless steel for a comfortable fit.

Case Material

The case material is a crucial element in the design of a luxury square watch. Common materials include stainless steel, gold, and platinum. These materials are chosen for their durability and aesthetic appeal. Some luxury brands also use more exotic materials like titanium or ceramic for a unique look.

Each material has its own unique properties and contributes to the overall look and feel of the watch. For example, a gold case gives the watch a classic and luxurious look, while a stainless steel case offers a more modern and sleek appearance.

Dial Design

The dial design is another important aspect of a luxury square watch. The dial is where the watch truly comes to life, displaying the time and any additional complications. The design of the dial can range from simple and minimalist to complex and ornate, depending on the brand and model.

The dial can feature a variety of elements, including numerals, indices, sub-dials, and date windows. Some luxury square watches also feature skeleton dials, where the inner workings of the watch are visible through the dial. This showcases the intricate craftsmanship that goes into each watch.

Top Brands for Luxury Watch Square

Several luxury watch brands have made their mark in the world of square watches. These brands are known for their craftsmanship, innovation, and dedication to quality.


As the pioneer of the square watch, Cartier holds a special place in the history of this design. The Cartier Tank remains one of the most iconic square watches, with its clean lines and elegant design. Over the years, Cartier has introduced various versions of the Tank, each with its unique twist on the classic design.

Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer is another brand that has embraced the square watch design. The Tag Heuer Monaco, introduced in 1969, is a legendary square watch known for its bold design and advanced technology. The Monaco was the first automatic chronograph in a square case, making it a groundbreaking piece in the world of horology.


Söner is a brand that has built its reputation as the only watch brand in the world that exclusively offers square analog watches. The art-deco era of the 1920s and 1930s served as inspiration for the Söner collections. These watches are known for their minimalistic design and high quality at a reasonable price..


The luxury watch square is more than just a timepiece. It's a piece of art, a symbol of status, and a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of the watchmaker. Whether you're a seasoned watch collector or just starting your journey into the world of luxury watches, the square watch is a design worth considering. Its unique shape and history make it a standout piece in any watch collection.